9 Outfit Tips for Short Women

9 Outfit Tips for Short Women

I wanted to be your voice since I joined the group of short women 1.60 meters tall. Like you, when I buy a dress or trousers, unfortunately, I get them from the dresses’ hems. That’s why I wanted to do some research on this subject and say a few words about it as your inner voice.

Yes, ladies, I want to start with the subject of “How should short women dress” That every short woman is curious. Many women do not expect this answer on this issue, but our answer will be “can wear any outfit.”
I know you’re thinking about how this could happen. That is possible with minor clothing tricks. We are not the only ones implementing these tricks. Many people, even world-famous stars, resort to these tricks. After all, not everyone is born in 1.80. The first thing I will say before I move on to the recommendations is to be confident. Whether you are tall, short, or even have the most beautiful body, it is useless without being confident.
The important thing is to carry that outfit very well. If you reflect this image around, you will turn into a camel with those above you. Now that we have given our first message, it is time for our main subject.


 Pattern Selection
The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing clothes is the patterns of your clothes. You should avoid large, mixed patterns and the use of multiple colors. While large patterns cause even a tall person to look flat and short, they pose a bigger problem for short women.
You can, of course, wear patterned clothes, but be careful not to get too messy. For example, longitudinally striped clothing will be a very good choice for short women.
Dress pattern
Wearing Long Dresses
There is a perception in society against short women wearing long dresses. Long dresses and skirts make you look even shorter. The situation is only about mus! Because in society, this issue is among the wrongly known truths.
Please do not listen to people’s mistakes and listen to us. The important thing is the right color choice. You can wear it without fear by staying away from the transverse stripes and floral patterns, ladies.
High waist pants
Wear High Waist Jeans

The reason we say wear high waist jeans is to show your leg length longer. Of course, this also depends on the proportions of the body. You can adjust the height ratio according to your body ratio.
Pointed toe shoes
Wear Pointed Toes

Both those who love and those who do not love very much! You will wear these shoes if you want to look taller, whether you love them or not anymore. After all, we are not saying that you wear high heels with your daily shirts. Remember, you are lucky in this regard. If you have looked at the summer shoes of this season, you have seen daily stylish pointed-toe shoes.
Especially when the ankle-strapped sandals are integrated with your skin color, it will help your height look taller. A contrasting color that does not suit your skin will cause your leg length to be cut.
Bag model
Avoid Large Accessories

It is more compatible with your body. It is useful to stay away from large bags and large jewelry. Smaller cross-strapped bags, handbags or small backpacks, minimal jewelry, and thin waist belts will be the right choices for you.
Attention to Heel Length in Shoes!

We are aware that very high heel shoes are uncomfortable. We try not to wear it as much as possible. The point you should not forget is that just as very high heels are harmful, flat shoes without heels are equally harmful to your body.
Choose shoes with a little heel because they look taller and are suitable for your health. When you notice that your clothes look better with high heels, you will agree with us.
Pants model
Trouser Length

A bunch of misunderstandings is also on this subject. Short trousers will make you look shorter than you are, as well as making you look taller. Instead of wearing short and ankle-length trousers, you should prefer trousers that end below the ankle. This style of trousers will be more suitable for you .and you will look even taller.
Even with a high heel shoe, flared trousers would be an ideal choice for petite women.
Long cardigan pattern
Wear Long Cardigans

Like long dresses, long cardigans are one of the tips we can give to increase your height. Moreover, right now is the season! It offers an ideal outfit option for those who do not like high-heeled shoes, which they can wear with tiny heels. The only point you need to pay attention to is the suitability of your cardigan.
Thanks to a cardigan that fits your size and has small pockets, you can gain a few inches to your height.

Hair Length Do not underestimate hair.

It is a very important detail, indeed. To give an example from me, as a petite person, I feel that the longer I grow my hair, the shorter I get, and I take the breath at the hairdresser. I think the hair issue is a very important detail. The longer your hair, the shorter your height will be. For petite women and those who do not like very short models, the best hair length is the shoulder length models. I do! Of course, shorter models are among the trends for short hair lovers. The model you choose depends entirely on your face shape and body structure.


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