SECTION: SPORT. I don’t know about you, but this year my desire for sports is a kind of total amusement train, which has just climbed to a peak. I trained during the day and descended to a complete lack of desire to do everything from my daily life in one place – eating, sleeping, work, and entertainment. But in the end, we have to organize our daily lives on our own and be inspired by small actions that our lives do not stop, no matter what difficulties we go through. For me, enrolling in a yoga class simultaneously works, which I can’t cancel, change the room and change into my sports clothes, because there was a period in which I trained in pajamas, people, pajamas. Do not make this mistake and differentiate your activities because life will one day return to something better, and we must not lose our motivation for a full life.
Let’s move on to


Here I have selected my favorite selection of perfumes, which I consider a great gift, but of course, a little more personal, because you have to – you know the person to target his preferences. Look, appliances – like a hair curler, a press or an excellent hairdryer – are always a good idea, because they are also useful gifts. With make-up – do not risk with foundation, lipstick, etc., but rather focus on a palette of neutral colors, skincare, a set of make-up brushes – all things that would come in handy for any woman. How would I forget?


Lately, I’m a fan of softer, everyday underwear – without the ban. Not to mention that for several years I have not stumbled on anything that will not make me feel like a second-hand – over the years, this change is happening, whether fashion is to blame, I do not know, but it is a fact. Honestly, I’m happy about this is my decision. I feel better in my body this way. Simultaneously, there are enough patterns with lace, tulle, whatever you can think of – to look still like you’re 26 and even have a desire to live. The model with the heart here is a favorite / of Guess e, and although I’m not the biggest fan of the brand, it often surprises me with such fresh offers!


I refuse to accept that I will celebrate the New Year in my pajamas. I may be at home, but I am frankly one of those people who strongly believe that we contribute to the mood and placebo effect or not. I think that as I welcomed the new 2021, so will my year. That they will not let us sign what awaits us. No. But the important thing is to be alive and healthy, right. And a little shine is never superfluous, especially at a time when the occasions to put on your favorite red lipstick and black seal sexy dress tend to zero. Well, let’s create these occasions for ourselves and welcome it despite this New 2021! And I end with warm suggestions in

SECTION: WINTER, in which I have included all kinds of fur coats, clothes and shoes, which are a beneficial gift for a loved one, if you can trust yourself and know what the other person would like Finally, let me tell you again that there will be several more suggestions for Christmas gifts, which are aimed more at smaller details, interior, candles, etc. I think that diversity is essential and I do not want to show you only one area, so today I hope to be useful in choosing a gift from world-famous brands that I like and use in my daily life, as I have more than once showed you. Remember to think carefully about what the person would like before buying/crafting any gift. And for the desire – it will always be clear if you have invested it sincerely. Of course, many of the offers are for yourself – there are significant discounts right now.

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