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How to Choose a Skirt According to Body Type?

Skirts are an indispensable piece of clothing for us women in summer and winter. Primarily because of the season we are in, colorful and sheer skirt models have already taken their place in the showcases.┬áRegardless of your age average, many women’s combinations include skirts. However, some women avoid wearing dresses because of some regional problems, even though they love to wear skirts, even saying that they will buy it and wear it one day. As long as you analyze your body type correctly, as long as you know your body, you do not need to avoid skirts. That is where the importance of wearing the right dress starts.
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Even your hourglass body type is useless unless you know your body and dress appropriately. If we examine the body types in 4 ways, we can sort them as pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle. So which one is your body type?
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Pear Type Body Shape

Before mentioning what kind of skirts to wear by those with a pear-type body. What is the pear-type body for those who do not know their body, who fall into this group? Let’s answer these questions.
When defining a pear-type body, you can bring a pear in front of your eyes. Then you can limit this body type more efficiently. In this body type, shoulders are narrow, breasts are generally small, and your hips are wide. If you have these features, it means you have this body type. So what kind of skirts should you wear then?
First, start by shading the area that draws attention and distracts you. How Does? Try to wear bell skirts and straighter, neglecting skirts and not keep your skirt length above the knee. Focus attention in another direction! Since your top is narrow and thin, you can mobilize your upper area to eliminate this disproportion in your body.
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For example, you can create a beautiful combination by wearing a frilly crop top blouse and a high waist straight skirt. You can be very stylish by drawing attention to your upper area with a scarf or various accessories to be worn around your neck as long as you know your body.
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Apple Shape Body Shape

In apple-type body shape, the situation is the opposite of pear-type. If your abdomen and waist area is thicker than your lower site, you have an apple shape. Therefore, when choosing a skirt, high-waisted and wide-cut skirts will prevent your stomach from being glaring. This skirt, also known as the skater skirt, a high-waisted short skirt, will suit your body type very well.
Although those with apple-type body structure prefer waist elastics for their comfort, this is not a correct skirt choice. Because elastic and frilly skirts will make the waist, the abdomen, appear thicker. Do not give up on zippered dresses.

Pencil skirt pattern
Hourglass Type Body Shape

One of the luckiest body types is the hourglass shape. To describe it, it has a body shape just like an hourglass. We can say that the 90 60 90 is the incarnation of the figure. Although it has such a perfect body structure, it is not right to wear a random skirt even with this body type.
The already thin body structure further lost by wearing a straight and loose skirt, and a very ordinary appearance emerges. It would be correct to choose a dress by revealing the body contours not to create a pile-swallowed image. For example, even if you wear a loose skirt, you need to use an accessory or an uncovered waist.
If you have an hourglass body type and have curved body lines, I think the best skirt will be a pencil skirt. Even the pencil skirt looks like it created for these body types.
Circular skirt
Rectangular Type Body Shape

If we come to our last body type, we see that the chest, waist and hip measurements of women with this body type are very close to each other. Waist play is not very prominent in this body type. All you have to do is use accessories that will reveal your waist play.
If you are a tall person, you can reveal your waist carvings by using thick belts. Conversely, if you have a short neck, you should use thin straps. Because the thick belt will cut your height in a short length, you will look sharper.

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Especially low waist skirts are among the most suitable dresses for this body type.
Some combinations and details need to be considered even in an ideal body type. So don’t worry about your problems and avoid wearing certain clothes. As we always say, the important thing is to know the body and dress accordingly. So what is it? There are skirt models for every body type.
Just be aware of yourself and the places you don’t like to show in yourself. No woman looks terrible as long as she is appropriately dressed. Do not know your body and wear it.

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