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How to Choose Accessories According to Clothing?
Complementary to our clothes are accessories and jewellery. Choosing these accessories, which women can never give up on and enjoy using, can be difficult from time to time. Especially if the day you use the accessories is important to you. Choosing accessories that complement your look and outfit is an important issue to be considered. The accessories chosen should not be exaggerated and incompatible in your clothes. Every outfit has a colour and tone. The issue of which jewellery and accessories to wear on daily clothes, evening dresses can be fun and frightening for women. However, although the selection of accessories and jewellery may seem difficult sometimes, it can become easily selectable with a few tricks and small details. Among the indispensable accessories used by women; belts, bags and jewellery. Here, in the rest of our article, we give you information about selecting these accessories, which are an important part of your clothes, according to the clothes.

Accessory models

How to Choose the Right Accessory?
Accessories, which are the biggest savior and complementary of clothes, are very interesting and eye-catching when used with the right clothes. Choosing the wrong supplement can turn your outfit into a lousy combination. First of all, it is worth noting that the size of the selected accessories is important. Another issue you should pay attention to is which outfit and where you will combine the addition you choose. For example, if you are a working woman, you should choose more simple and stylish jewellery that will not attract much attention in the office environment and highlight your elegance. Do not select coarse and very large models of jewellery that you will choose in your normal life. Because this will make you look too exaggerated and cause you to get a bad image. Also, using the accessories in large numbers and sizes will not be a correct option. Because in this case, you will have an exaggerated and rough appearance. For this reason, attention is paid to the colour harmony and dimensions of the jewellery. Accessory colour matching


Combine Accessories With The Color Of Clothes 
One of the most important issues is to blend the jewellery and accessories you choose with your outfit’s colour. Selecting the wrong shades of bags and shoes will make your combination look very bad. Therefore, be careful to choose the accessories and jewellery you choose in the same tones and styles as possible. If we explain with an example; Color is one of the most important features of your dress. If you choose accessories and jewellery that are coloured similar to your clothing, you will achieve a harmonious balance with your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a light pink dress, you can complete your outfit by choosing pink or rose-coloured accessories. Patterned clothes and accessories selection


How to Choose Accessories and Jewelry According to Patterned Dresses?
When you wear a patterned outfit, if you choose mixed, patterned, overly mobile accessories or jewellery, you will create a very sultry and bad image because your outfit is too mobile. For example, if your outfit has a floral pattern, it won’t make much sense to wear a flashy earring with flowers again. When it comes to accessories, of course, jewellery, belts or bags should not come to mind, in addition to these, shawls, scarves and so on. You can also use the parts as accessories. You need to pay attention to deciding which one to stand out among the clothes and accessories. If the outfit choice is bright and strong in style and colour, it would be better to use plain accessories. Apart from that, it can be animated with live jewellery in very plain clothes. Sportswear and accessories selection


How to Choose Accessories According to Clothing 2

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