How to Choose Accessories According to Clothing 2

How to Choose Accessories According to Clothing 

Are Sportswear Accessory?
Each woman’s style and taste are different. Some people like to dress classically, and others like to wear sports pieces more. However, when it comes to jewellery and accessories in society, there is a perception that we need to wear more stylish pieces. Unfortunately, this perception in society is very wrong because of all kinds of jewellery suit sportswear. You can easily use different styles of jewellery and sportswear with which you will make different combinations. There are many jewellery models you can choose while staying away from very classic and team-style pieces.
Attention to Choosing Accessories for Low-Cut Outfits!

As with any outfit, the accessories you choose will change when you wear low-cut outfits. When women wear cleavage, they usually want to proportionate the opening with a long dangly necklace. However, especially if you are tall, you can look very elegant with necklaces that will cover your neck area completely. If you use accessories on only a single color low-cut dress, elegant monochrome necklaces will also crown your elegance at night. If your outfit is very sparkling and flashy, you should choose jewelry and accessories to use in a more elegant, direct, or even one area. On the contrary, when you wear a very plain dress, you can use more striking modern pieces.

Jewelry types

Who Should Avoid Which Style of Jewelry?

If you have a small height; You should stay away from large hoop earrings and large, long earrings that fall over the shoulders because this kind of jewelry makes your neck look thicker. If you have a short neck; When choosing necklaces, go for thin ones. Even women with thick necks should prefer bracelet and ring style jewelry instead of wearing necklaces. Women with large breasts; Since your breasts’ size will appear more in blouses with a v-neck, you should close that opening with a necklace. However, it would be best to be careful that your necklace selection does not hang from the chest. Night invitations and special nights; When using evening dresses at night parties, shine with options such as gold, silver, ruby, and emerald instead of fake wooden jewelry. Do not choose sports hours for special events. Get a watch of stylish evening dresses to use on select nights. If you are going to use neon jewelry; These colors look good on wheat skin. Brunettes should stay away from the neon and fluorescent jewelry.

Ring model

Accessory Selection According to Your Hair Type

If you have short hair, flashy necklaces will look very cool. Especially for short-haired women, large earrings make them look very nice and cool. For women with long hair, the best choice of jewelry will be long and flashy earrings. Dark hair color is also an issue that affects the choice of jewelry. That is because the hair is already dark. You can create a rugged look by choosing dark jewelry. That’s why you should take care to keep your jewelry colorful. As long as you pay attention to the information, we have given above, and you can take your combinations to higher levels and attract all eyes with your elegance.

How to Choose Accessories According to Clothing 1

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