Timeless fashion or how to shop wisely


Timeless fashion or how to shop wisely

I’m starting the year here on the blog, with the promise that we’ll see each other more often on trendwardrobe.com. I’ve been thinking a long time about what to welcome you. What’s better than an idea of how to better the world around us while saving? I am not the first, nor the last, to tell you about “second hand,” vintage or outlet. But I ignored the topic for a long time, and I can’t hide it – like any child, especially one who graduated from a private school / even on a scholarship /, even the thought of shopping in the neighborhood second hand was unthinkable – what will others think? Fortunately, times have changed in recent years from a shameful act – yes, digging through such sites or on the spot, the search for finds in different places is starting to become something exciting, exciting, and conscious choice.
At least for me, it is. 2021 apart from rediscovering myself as a person, I also rediscovered the significant places in London, from which you can get huge finds. Often, I am even ready to wait for someone before me to enjoy his clothes and redeem them to him immediately for such a small exchange value. I have no prejudices that someone else has worn the dress, for example, nor do I worry that it is not the latest model. We have long understood that style makes us different, distinctive, and memorable, not the FW21 label… wait, where does it even say that? Nowhere, that’s right. A month ago, I found the most beautiful Tommy Hilfiger coat from the Gigi Hadid collection. Before that, I got 1-2 short fluffy eco coats from Bibons – I love the idea of ​​breathing new life into something forgotten about someone! Very soon, I will make you a list of where to shop – sites + physical stores, but now let’s go back to today’s culprit to raise the issue, namely, which you know are one of the largest sites in London with a wide variety of offers. In addition to second-hand finds, the site also has an “Outlet” section, where you can find great hits like my Pinko dress, for example.

Everything here is new – with or without a label, but for those who still can not remove the barrier to shopping entirely second-hand, this selection is just for them – the opportunity to add to your wardrobe even high-end brands, but at prices to suit you. Somehow in my earlier years, I thought that to look good and “fit” into society, I need to buy what is currently available in stores. But this is from each person’s period in which we seek approval from others – over the years, and we learn that everything is up to the feeling, to what YOU have in your wardrobe and how you would combine the new hit. I am happy that this type of shopping is no longer looked down upon in London but rather the opposite – it is interesting to have searched, to have discovered, to have combined.


Timeless fashion or how to shop wisely

Everyone has a different strategy. I will share mine / after I posted a poll on my Instagram account on Monday – what do you want to see more with me? It turned out that you miss the tips for matching clothes, where, how, why, and not just to show you a beautiful picture and here I agree with you:) /. So let’s start: Shopping second hand or outlet, as is the case here, is like shopping from anywhere else. There are no prejudices; mostly if you had seen how these clothes came to me from the shots – with Pinko’s dress, I felt like I bought a brand new one from the store – no difference. Etiquette, quality, everything. It was the same with the Guess jacket, which I wondered about last year, but I never invested the total amount. Luckily – I found it in the Remix Outlet section of affordable money, and now I will enjoy it. When I get bored – I will pass on. In the survey, I also received an inquiry – what do I do with the clothes after getting bored? Good question.

Divide into three categories – first I share with friends what I have, and I could give them if they like something /, unfortunately, we are slightly different sizes, and we can’t exchange everything, but we still spread each other often :)) /. The second category is luxury brands – I leave them for charity sales, which are held on Instagram for a cause / one fine day again and on the spot /. I used to sell often through the platform, but somehow I felt the need and desire to set a good example for my audience, and so I came to the conclusion that in a trend, I would sell only for CAUSE… AND the third category is again only with reserved clothes that I put in Remix, which have greatly facilitated their service. These clothes, which are not of any brands, I put in the Containers for clothes, which you can find all over London.  I am matching clothes. How does this magic work? And this is the most asked question for me. Honestly, I can’t give an exact recipe, but I have a few rules that I’ve mentioned more than once.

The first is the COLOR RANGE.

Sometimes I break it for some spring elegance of flowers, for example, but I stick entirely to these colors and their shades: black, white, red, navy blue, dark green, beige. You know that whatever you take new, it will be combined with the rest of your wardrobe, which is extremely important. The second is the best I could do/learn from Stars from Mint Stories / – when you import something new. You remove another old one.

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