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How to Choose Underwear According to Body Types ?

Here are the Answers! When women are called outerwear, the flowing water stops, we do not put our best for our outerwear. You follow the fashion every day, what is out today, which store has started discounts, what are the trends? We search and learn all of them. Unfortunately, we do not show the same care when it comes to choosing underwear. However, there is one thing you forgot that it is essential to choose the right underwear in the posture and appearance of the clothes. Women who pay attention to their underwear selection know that choosing the right underwear makes women feel great. So much so that the choice of underwear can even affect your posture. However, the point to note is that every underwear you like or that is trendy this season may not be suitable for you. Just as it is necessary to dress according to body type, it should be considered while buying underwear. I’m sure many of you are being told right now, but how to choose underwear according to body type! For this, you need to know your body well. We searched for the right underwear selection for you according to body types.

Hourglass Body Type

It is a body type that we can call near flawless. That woman has body measurements called 90-60-90. Since they have an hourglass-like body, their body is 36-24-36. As the name suggests, we can say it is like an hourglass. There may, of course, be defects in this body type as in everybody. Therefore, it is necessary to know what is missing in yourself and what you should pay attention to when choosing clothes or underwear. Then it’s time to choose the right underwear for you! As we always say, almost everything fits and looks good on this body type, as it is a body type that we can call genuinely perfect. However, if you ask the underwear that will suit me best, which we can say that this model is made for the hourglass body type, this is the garter, corset models. As bottom underwear, high waist panties that will reveal your thin waist will look very well.


Straight cut underwear model

Triangle Body Type

The most popular and desired body type in recent years is a triangle. Big buttocks, which we are used to seeing in world-famous stars and that everyone likes very much, have become a dream element. In this body type, the hips are exceptionally striking and are at a level more expansive than the shoulders. If you ask us what underwear is suitable for us; Since it is the hip that attracts attention in this body type, it will be more accurate to choose lower underwear. However, if you are uncomfortable with this and want to have a proportional body line, the bustier shaped underwear is the most ideal for you. Thus, a correct proportion will be formed and in your hips and chest. Another option is to choose straight cut underwear.

Sleeveless underwear model

Apple Shape Body

It is an apple-like body type. That is, the upper body is thick, and the lower body is thin. So there is a disproportion between the upper and lower body. Especially the waist circumference is thick. It is the most common body type in our society Underwear for women with apple-shaped body shapes. The goal here should be to eliminate disproportion in your upper body and hips. Therefore, it will be more correct to choose sleeveless underwear.


Patterned underwear model

Rectangular Body Type

Rectangular body type is a body type that does not have excess and body curvature. Rectangular after name! Your hips, shoulders, and top are almost at the same level. Those with this body shape constitute the body shape of women with more athletic bodies. Underwear for women with a rectangular body If you love anything with belts and elastics on the waist, corsets are the obvious choice for you. They add much-needed body curves and will look sensual. If you have a more elongate body, you can opt for a garter. You can create a beautiful combination between the lines with bustier underwear.


Nightwear and underwear Other important details to consider in underwear selection! – If you have just started shopping for underwear, you should seek professional help. That’s why you should not shop online in the first step. As you gain experience, you can, of course, shop online when you can choose the right underwear. – Another most crucial detail is the fabric quality of your underwear. It would be best to stay away from nylon underwear that will disturb you and spoil your health. – The most significant mistake made when buying bras and underwear is that both are the same size. There can buy it, but when there is disproportion, you should choose products of different sizes.

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