When in doubt, wear RED 1


When in doubt wear RED

Hello, beautiful people. I hope that each of you is in good health, follows the measures to prevent the spread of the virus, and is at home, if work and circumstances allow it, of course. I will not delve into this topic in this post. I think that the people you are here at the moment are conscious and responsible people, no matter how many conspiracies you/we have read in recent days. That is the situation; let us unite at least once so that our lives can continue with as little human and economic damage as possible, as soon as possible. For the thousandth time – if you have this opportunity, please # stay at home, do not take home office for a vacation, but use your time wisely. And be happy if you are lucky enough to be at home with a loved one. And for the people who work for us to be well – thank you very much!
When in doubt, wear RED
I turn sharply in my thoughts as I continue with my usual fashion articles. I EMPHASIZE that the shots, like MANY others, were taken before the epidemic, and in no way would I want to give you a bad example – to go out and take off your clothes. I’m a full-time person, and usually, on weekends or any other convenient time, I shoot several campaigns in advance and at once. What happened with these shots and several other series is planned to be part of the Shopping Guide of London Mall, which you will see in the coming days, and the guide itself… .life will show.
Let’s go back to today’s outfit and the slogan: When in doubt, wear RED. I received a challenge from Fashion Days to show an exciting trend for the upcoming season. Excellent offers await us with buffoon sleeves, POINTS! / my favorites /, faux leather, colors, colors, many colors! You can see lately that pink is becoming part of my wardrobe, but nothing makes me feel better in my skin than having a red dress on. And as a gargoyle, to be shaggy. I decided to show you an outfit that combines everything.


I like Red, hearts, rough shoes. If there is one thing in the fashion world that I adore, it is to wear, according to some people, “ridiculous” outfits, which show my style. This set is exceptionally wearable in everyday life, and only maybe I would take off my red socks because, after work or an important meeting, it is not the best option to appear dressed like that. It depends on the area where  Rough shoes are a trend that suits me perfectly. I’m short. I rarely wear heels, so an oversized sole is an excellent option for me to feel an idea higher without walking like a heron. However, I think that a lot depends on your appearance. Not everyone goes, so consider whether this fashion could be part of your sense of style – this applies to absolutely every garment and accessory!



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