Yoga in bed is the key to a fresh start 1


Yoga in bed is the key to a fresh start to the day

Yoga, one of the best methods to remember the body that we have overlooked today, is a particular activity during the day and the form of “yoga in bed” as the day begins and ends. Explore your body with yoga Above all, yoga is a journey, and you are not trying to get anywhere on this journey. The rest will come by itself. Take it slowly to get to know your body and enjoy it. We’re all made of some bone and some muscle, that doesn’t mean we’re all the same. We all have our spine. The important thing is to know your unique body you have. Every stretch you do with yoga will express your body in pieces. Just listen to your body. A closer look at yoga From a distance, yoga can appear to be focused solely on the body, and even as a sport that consists of several stretching movements in a row.

Maybe there is some merit in this, but once you start practicing on your own body, you will realize that this is not the case at all. The yoga journey consists of several steps, and these steps offer you a road map to nurture the soul.

Yama: This step invites you to obey the universal laws of morality.
Niyama: The second step reminds you of the necessity of personal discipline. Asana: this step is the yoga practice itself. Pranayama: this step reminds you to be aware that breath is life energy.
Pratyahara: this step is about looking within yourself.
Dharana: This step is about concentration and focus. Samadhi: it is the enlightenment step. These steps are the roadmap of traditional yoga, but this is not an essential road map for you. You will draw your path. Yoga in bed As soon as we get up in the morning, we find ourselves in a rush, and when the day is over, we don’t even have the motivation to move, let alone exercise. Then we have a suggestion that you will love. You can do the morning exercise without getting out of bed. The purpose of this work, which we know as yoga in bed, is actually to put aside long preparation times, clothes, and equipment. As soon as you wake up, the yoga movements you can do with your clothes will open the doors for you to start your day most efficiently. On the other hand, yoga movements in the bed, which you can apply just before falling asleep, help you get much more efficient sleep. Among the numerous benefits of starting your day with sports are balancing your stress levels, making you feel more energetic during the day, and increasing your motivation. Adding yoga poses to your morning routine that you can do without getting out of bed can change your life like never before.
Balasana pose
This pose will stretch your hips and relax your waist. Get on your knees and begin to try forward. Stretch as much as you can. If you are struggling, get support from your pillow.
Bhujangasana pose
This pose will strengthen your spine, stretch your shoulders and lungs, and awaken your internal organs. Lie face down and curl at your waist; come on your hands. Lotus Pose You can massage your internal organs by adding stretches to the right and left to this pose that will calm your mind. For this pose, sit cross-legged and sit upright. The common purpose of all these movements is to start your day in the best way or get you a quality sleep by removing the day’s fatigue from your body. Another critical issue to accompany yoga movements in bed is breathing exercises. Whether you want to adapt correctly to the tiring pace of the day or to fall asleep comfortably after a busy day, yoga and breathing activities in bed should be adapted to your life.

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